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        chewing teeth with naked bare gums ..
        as they shatter away this surface ..
        i can taste the blood ..
        together with pieces of flesh ..
        tastes like you ..
        the sadness mixed with harsh truth ..
        a bleak ending ..
        such a perfect end ..
        a well written novel ..
        i envy you ..
        for i dwell in your misery ..
        gasping for air ..
        i just envy you ..
        so strong .. and selfish ..
        in a world full of monsters ..
        where demons eat demons ..
        and the weak is left to rot ..
        all i have is this sword ..
        made of pure hatred ..
        a jagged edge .. and a rusty point ..
        what am i trying to save here? ..
        my distress ?
        my emptiness? ..
        i wished for another ending ..
        just a "..and they lived happily ever after.."
        but no ..
        you couldn't see me smile anymore ..
        taking pleasure of a scene of a beggar ..
        reaching out ..
        oh .. how i envy your strength ..
        but ..
        i must save me ..
        tonight my queen ..
        is where heroes shall shine once again ..
        no longer will i lurk beneath your scarlet ..
        no longer will i sore for your touch ..
        tonight my queen ..
        i will end this epic tale ..
        of woes and morns ..
        for i have chosen to end me ..
        and as i bite and chew the last teeth ..
        i remember ..
        that .. to you ..
        i was .. nothing ..
nonee Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2007
in a world full of monsters ..
where demons eat demons ..

this line suits so much to the current political situation
nonee Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2007
a direct hit on :+fav: tab
fallenbirdie Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2007
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January 19, 2007
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